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:: Questions & Answers ::


:: Pricing ::

Every fake license, SS card, and Resident Card we offer is $100 Dollars each. Each additional product is $50.00 each. Example; you order 2 products your total would be $150.00.

Use to convert the payment needed when not paying in US Dollars. Please round off if needed it is ok to be a little short rather than over pay.

Shipping costs for your order are included in our price above ((25 USD value)).

We do offer faster upgraded shipping by UPS for an extra 50 USD.


:: Shipping ::

After you submit your order form, within 2 days we will email your scanned proof. After we receive a reply of approval, your order will be shipped the same day or next. You will receive an email confirmation with shipping and tracking.

You should expect to have your order within 8 days from the day we ship and within 4 days by UPS when you pay the extra shipping fee of 50 USD.

The included shipping we use our local post EMS, which means it will arrive to you by your local post. An example would be if you are a customer in the USA you can track your order at For upgraded shipping by UPS you will track your order at

We will not use a customer's account with any carrier to mail your fake id. We use different mail carriers based on your location or when shipping to a PO box.

We do ship worldwide, and rest assured your order will be packaged discreetly without our website name or any indication what is inside. Do not email asking us details on this, for all we know, you could be law enforcement.


:: Your photo and signature ::

When you order from us we require you to scan, save in any image file format, and upload your image file to the order form.

Signature file: Please go here to crate a signature Click the largest pen to draw your signature with located under the "N" of the word "ONLINE". Follow the directions at the bottom of the page to paste it into any picture editor program.

Save the file in any image file format and you will now have your signature ready for uploading to our order form. Do not worry about the size we will edit it to fit correctly.

Image file: This is very important and can make the difference between having the authenticity of your fake license questioned or not. LOOK at your license and study it. LOOK at the image you want on your fake id, and use your best judgment if it would be feasible.

Do not use old license images. They are small and we cannot edit the background. Also they usually contain old security lines or holograms over the face. Be very cautious that you are looking into the camera at the correct angle.

Be very cautious of the color of your face. Web cameras with a blue hue to your face from being in front of the computer is not good.

We can fix minor issues like red eye, and editing the brightness and contrast. Images are better when taken inside. After all the license bureau does not take you outside to take your picture, so why would you use an outside image for your fake id?

Scanned passport pictures are ideal for us to work with and you can obtain them at many retail locations.

Please do not email us images asking us to review them before you order. We do not have the resources to be the judge for non customers.

The image background is not important. Do not edit the background yourself we will do this, so when printed it is an exact match.

A few examples:

:: About us ::

We use different grades of Teslin and PVC depending on the state ordered and  laminate. In the event you do not know PVC, it is the SAME plastic the motor vehicle department uses. Our holograms and hologram overlay laminate are custom designed by a source that we will not disclose. We have worked closely with our source to produce replica holograms for every state. Products pass under UV and bending tests where applicable. When do encode our products, so they will correctly scan and format the barcodes to scan correctly as well.

We have one goal, and that is to offer the best replica products possible. We use the best software and equipment to accomplish our goal.

We are based in Hong Kong where counterfeiting laws are lax to non existent. We are not a pretend to make good fake id company like those based in America or Canada.

We look forward to being of service to you!


:: Refund Policy ::

We guarantee that it will hold up to wear and tear. Scan correctly, UV ink and holograms will be visible under black light as a real one would issued by the motor vehicle department. If at any time it does not mail it back to the address below. Send us an email notifying us that it is on its way, the problem, and a new image/signature attached. We will make and ship you a new one.

We can not make a free new license, if it is seized when using as a real id. We have no way to know for sure the reason, or if it truly was taken, and the customer is trying to get a second license for free. We can guarantee as long as you are confident when using, and supply us with a good image to use, nobody but you will know it is not genuine.

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